Noguchi physical exercise and Butoh

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The participant wanted


Untying of body based on Noguchi physical exercise.
Physical exercise is the massages of doing alone
The massage does physical exercise of doing by two people

And, to the ・・・・ Butoh 
Class Oiso (every Sunday as a rule)
 Time: 13:00 from 14:30 ( physical xercise)  14:30 from 15:0 (Butoh)
 Place:Torifune Butoh Sha Oiso practice place “KUROKINKAKU"
 Fee: Physical exercise=\1000   Physical exercise + Butoh= \2000
 A butoh alone is not accepted though only physical exercise is accepted. 
 Please contact the participation applicant me beforehand.

Inquiry: 0463-60-1008 or TORIFUNEBUTOHSHA@HB.TP1.JP
              (lower case letters)



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