The Body as a Vessel: An Approach to Tatsumi Hijikata’s Ankoku Butoh

(Utsuwa toshite no shintai: Hijikata Tatsumi Ankoku buto giho e no apurochi ).

Tokyo: ANZ-DO, 1993

Disciplinary Papers on Butoh by Kayo Mikami, PhD.


 Deconstruction of the Human Body
 (2002, a presentation at the International Conference of Ethnology and Anthropology in Tokyo, Japan)

 Tatsumi Hijikata.The Reception and Transformation of Dance of Darkness (3) Body, Language, and Image

 (2006, SUMMARY Kyoto−Seika Univesity, Japan)

Tatsumi Hijikata: Reception and Change in Ankoku Butoh

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